Essence Liquid Eyeshadows Review

I love duo-chrome eyeshadows. When I first saw these Essence Liquid Eyeshadows with duo chrome effects, I was disappointed as they were not available in the UK. However, now they are and I bought the full collection. In this post, I am going to review them.


What the brand says

Essence CHROME On Duo Chrome Liquid Eyeshadow (1.2ml) has highly-pigmented, chromatic pigments which change colour depending on the incidence of light.

This special colour-changing effect displays the stunning, shimmer pigments, showcasing and using the practical flock applicator, an extraordinary and multidimensional look can be achieved quickly and easily. With five wholly unique and enchanting shades to choose from, each with its own unique light-scattering properties, you can be sure to find the right eyeshadow to transform your style. Long-lasting with a creamy mousse texture. Cruelty-free & vegan-friendly.


Essence Liquid Eyeshadows Features

  • liquid eyeshadow
  • intensely pigmented
  • with chrome finish
  • changes colour under different light conditions
  • with handy applicator
  • easy to use

Price and availability

Initially, they were not available in the UK, but now you can get them from the Essence website and other online retail, such as Notino and Just My Look. I bought mine in Just My Look, as they offer free delivery on every order without minimum. You are, therefore, saving money.

The price of each eyeshadow is £4.99 for 1.2 mL. However, in Just My Look there are frequently a 3 for 2 offer.

Essence Liquid Eyeshadows shades

These liquid eyeshadows are available in five shades which are:

01 Oh My Chrome – a transformative blue pigment

02 Chrom’ology – a shimmering, bright orange

03 Chrom-addict – an enchanting gold hue

04 Chrome Over, Beauty – a multidimensional pink

05 Chrom’azing – an enthralling, iridescent green


What do I think about Essence Liquid Eyeshadows

About the packaging

The packaging is the expected for a liquid eyeshadow. It is a cylindric tube with a doe-foot applicator. The wand has a sponge tip to help to apply evenly the product. The tube is transparent, therefore you can see the duo-chrome effect through the packaging.

They come in a 1.2 mL tube. It is quite small but we should keep in mind that the pigments used for making duo-chrome eyeshadows are expensive and the effect is not easy to formulate. Therefore, considering the price of each shadow 1.2 mL is not a too small volume.

About the application

The product is very easy to apply. You can apply either directly over the naked eyelid or as a topper over any other matte liquid or powder eyeshadow. I like to apply an eyeshadow underneath as a base because these shades do not have an opaque base by themselves. That means that the base colour is very light. When you use other eyeshadow as a base and these duo-chrome eyeshadows as a topper, you increase a lot the intensity and brightness of the duo-chrome eyeshadows.


You can control the intensity of the shadow also with the way you apply them. If you want a soft look with not so intense effect of the eyeshadows you can apply the product with a flat eye brush. However, for an intense look, I advise you to apply directly the eyeshadow with the applicator.

Essence Liquid Eyeshadows Pigmentation and coverage

The five shades are well pigmented while the duo-chrome effect does not have the same intensity or strength for all the shades. You can get the most intense duo-chrome effect from the shades 02, 03 and 04, while the shades 01 and 05 have a very light duo-chrome effect, though they are impressive eyeshadows.

The duo-chrome effect for each shade is as follow:

01 Electric blue to violet

02 Orange to old gold

03 Gold to green

04 Pink to gold (this has the most intense effect)

05 Green to violet

Said that I should mention that the coverage is quite high for an eyeshadow without an opaque base.

Other Features

They are very easy to blend but you should do that quick. This product dries within minutes after application and therefore you cannot blend it after drying. That has an advantage which is that there is no transference to the crease or upper lid.

Once dried, it last on the eyelid all day without fading, creasing or flaking. They are very fixed, long-lasting pigments.

In summary, this collection is a very good choice if you like duo-chrome pigments. This type of pigments are normally expensive but these Essence Liquid eyeshadows with duo-chrome effect are very good quality and affordable options. They are the duo-chrome pigments I am using more from all my collection. I hope that Essence releases more shades. I am sure I will buy all.

In fact, this is not the first product I try from Essence which becomes one of my favourites. That happened with the Essence 8H Matte Liquid Lipstick, I tried one shade and now I have most of them.



  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Dry very quick
  • Last long time without creasing, fading or flaking
  • Good as topper also
  • You can control the intensity with the application way
  • Good coverage
  • Deep duo-chrome effect


  • Only five shades are available
  • They do not have an opaque base
  • They come in a small volume

Do I recommend them?

If you like duo chrome pigment, I highly recommend these eyeshadows from Essence. They are excellent value for money and can add a sparkling touch to any makeup look easily without breaking your budget. They will last all day or night on. I love them.


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