Affordable vs. Luxury Eyeshadow: Battle of the Palettes

Welcome to the ultimate showdown of eyeshadow palettes! In this comprehensive comparison, we’re pitting the affordable yet beloved W7 “I’m Toasted” palette against the luxurious Too Faced “Light My Fire” palette. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast on a budget or a beauty connoisseur willing to splurge, this guide will help you make an informed decision. Get ready to dive into the world of pigments, textures, and finishes as we dissect these two iconic palettes to determine which one deserves a spot in your makeup collection. w7 vs too faced

The palettes w7 vs too faced

I am talking about two mini palettes, which may look very different from the outside. They both come in a metal tin package, but they show a very different design. After opening them, the similarities become more important. They are more similar than I could have thought. First of all, they both have a mirror inside the lid.

However, the most important feature is that both contain eight shades (six matte and two shimmer shades each) with an almost identical colour story. There is a huge difference, though. The I’m Toasted palette by W7 contains 8.8 g of product and costs around £7, while the Too Faced Light My Fire palette costs £22 and contains only 6.8 g of powder.
There is an obvious price difference. Let’s see if that difference is worth it.


Palettes Colour Story w7 vs too faced

As I already mentioned, both palettes contain very similar shades in terms of colour. They are arranged in the same way, despite the different names of each shade.
I will describe the colours for both palettes from left to right. However, I will mention the names and describe the performance of each in the next paragraphs.

Top row:

  1. Matte Light Brown
  2. Matte dark brown with a warm undertone
  3. Shimmer brown-orange
  4. Cherry Red
Top Row of both palettes

Bottom Row:

  1. Shimmer warm brown
  2. Matte, warm yellow
  3. Matte-warm reddish
  4. Matte-deep red-brown
Bottom Row of both palettes

The colours are on the warm side, and I think they allow for a day-to-day look as well as a more sophisticated one.

Too Faced Palette

About the Package w7 vs too faced

The palette comes in a metallic tin that mimics a matchbox in a 1950s style. It is called Light My Fire, and it shows some matches on one side of the pack.

The back of the tin has a sticker with the name of the shades printed out. The names of the shadows are:

Fired up
Flaming Hot
Sparks Fly
Cheez Wiz
Cheesie Louise
Old flame


The shadows are arranged in two rows of four shades each. Two of the shades are bigger than the other six. These two shadows contain 0.95 g of product each, while the other six contain 0.8 g each.
There is a mirror inside the tin, which occupies the entire back of the lid. The palette keeps closed thanks to a potent magnet. It is closed securely, so it will not open during transport.
The palette has a very soft, sweet scent.

About the Eyeshadows w7 vs too faced

The shimmer shades are buttery and soft and they are easy to apply. There is no fallout. However, they are not very sparkling. If you like shimmer shades with a high sparkling effect, you may need to apply a few layers, which is not a problem, as they are buildable.

Regarding the matte shades, I found Munchies and Cheez Wis quite dry and powdery, while the rest of the shades are soft and buttery. All of them are highly pigmented, though. They are easily blendable, and you can build them up if you wish (it is not needed, though).

They last all day on the eye without creasing, fading, or falling out. w7 vs too faced

The smell is soft and may not be a problem for people with sensitive skin.

W7 Palette

About the Package

This palette comes also in a metallic tin. Its name is “I’m Toasted,” and the upper lid has a picture of a toast and some species like cinnamon, star anise, and vanilla flower. w7 vs too faced

The back of the tin contains the names of the shades, the ingredient list, and directions. The names of the shades are:

Not so beige
Choco Latte
Sparkling Glow
On Fire
Champagne Toast
Tropic Like It’s Hot
Chesnut Roast
Cinnamon Bun


They are arranged in two rows of four shades each. The two shades on the left side look bigger than the rest. However, there is no information about the weight of the individual shades.

There is also a mirror in the back of the lid. As in the Too Faced palette, this one closes thanks to a magnet.
This palette has a deep cinnamon and vanilla scent.

About the Eyeshadows

The matte shadows are quite powdery, and they don’t have extremely high pigmentation. However, they are buildable, and they blend easily. It is easy to reach the desired pigmentation level. w7 vs too faced

They are quite dry, but they don’t have much fallout.

The shimmer shades are soft and easy to apply. However, there is fallout, which means you should first do the eye makeup and remove the fallout before doing the face makeup.

Both matte and shimmer shades are long-wearing and stay on the lid the whole day. They don’t crease or fade during the day. Even the shimmer shades keep the intensity during the day.

I should mention a point against them: the smell is too strong for me. It may irritate the eyes of people with sensitive skin.


How do they compare?

Looking at both palettes side by side, I should say that they look similar. The cherry red shade may look more like pink in the Too Faced palette and more like red in the W7 one.

After swatching them, you can easily notice that the Too Faced shades are more pigmented than the W7 ones, and after one swipe, they look slightly different. They look similar after two layers of the W7 shades.

Surprisingly, the shimmer shades for the W7 palette are more reflective than the Too Faced shimmer.

However, the real test is the application of the shades to the eyes. I tested them by applying the W7 palette to one eye and the Too Faced palette to the other. Obviously, I will be very honest, after applying one palette to each eye, it is not easy to say which palette I used on each eye. I indeed needed more layers of the W7 shades to achieve the same pigmentation, but the result was amazing. Look at the picture and tell me which palette is on each eye (you can find the answer at the end of the post).

They both last all day, and they look the same at the end of a working day.

Guess which eye has each eyeshadow

Is it worth it to pay for the high-end brand palette?

After using both palettes, I should say that they behave exactly in the same way. There is a huge difference in the price. If you don’t mind spending money on makeup, go for the Too Faced palette. I guess there should be a difference, and this is maybe the reason the shadows remain as new (interestingly, the Too Faced palette has a PAO of 12 months, while for the W7 palette, the PAO is 18 months).

If you are on a budget or don’t want to spend on makeup, the W7 palette is a good option for this colour story. You will be able to achieve the same results for four times less than the Too Faced price.
I bought both to compare them and write this post. I am going to keep the Too Faced palette and will give the W7 one to any friend, as I don’t want two identical palettes.

There are two other palettes from each brand, which look the same. I have only the W7 version of one of them (Berried Treasured) but not the Too Faced version. I don’t know if they will behave as the one I am reviewing in this post. If I buy the Too Faced version in the future, I may write another post about them, or I may update this one to include more options.


Too Faced Light My Fire

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W7 I’m Toasted

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In conclusion, while both the W7 “I’m Toasted” and the Too Faced “Light My Fire” palettes may yield similar results when applied to the eyes, the decision between them ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget. Whether you opt for the affordable option or indulge in the luxury of the high-end palette, both products offer a range of stunning shades to elevate your eye looks. So, whether you’re all about saving or splurging, rest assured that whichever palette you choose, you’ll be adding a touch of glamour to your makeup routine.

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