Bio Balance Lash Serum Review

I recently received an AmiRose PR package including interesting products from Bio Balance. One of them was the Hyaluronic Acid 3D which I will test after finishing the hyaluronic acid which I am currently using. The other two products were the Magic Touch Foundation (I recently reviewed it and I recommend you to have a look at the post) and the Bio Balance Lash Serum, which I am going to review in this post.

What does the brand say?

Fortifies brittle eyelashes and helps them grow longer, fuller and stronger.

Formulated with:

  • Patented complex “Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1” that stimulates eyelash growth by increasing the formation of hair bulb cells, laminin V and collagen VI proteins
  • Biotin, Saw Palmetto
  • Hyaluronic acid, Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate
  • Panthenol, Allantoin, Glycerin
  • Amino acids -Arginine, Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Valine, Proline, Threonine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Phenylalanine.


  • Eyelash serum is created in order to get longer, fuller and stronger eyelashes.
  • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically Tested.
  • Natural 3X more volume in just 2 weeks.

Price and availability

The price of this serum is £19.95 for 6 mL. It may seem quite expensive, but you need to apply only a small amount and the 6 mL tube will last over two months. You can buy it from the AmiRose website.

My opinion about Bio Balance Lash Serum

About the packaging

The serum comes in a cardboard pack in golden colour, quite sturdy to properly protect the product during transport. Inside the box, there is a 6 mL tube containing the serum.

The tube is made of golden plastic and has some information printed out in black letters. The information is in English as well as in another language which I am not able to recognise. It has a screw cap, also in golden colour, which holds the applicator. This applicator is a very thin brush, with long, well-packed bristles. It feels soft on your eyelid when you apply and I never scratched myself when using it, which is normal. This applicator is the same type you can find in liquid eyeliners.


About the texture and smell

This product has a liquid consistency, as expected. It is a water-like texture, colourless, which feels literally like water when you apply it to your lash roots.

The product has no smell at all, something very important for a product which you are going to apply on your lash-line. Consequently being fragrance-free, this product may be suitable even for people with sensitive eyes.

I wear contact lenses and normally at night, my eyes are quite irritated after all day wearing the lenses. Normally, I apply this serum at night-time and a few times I applied it accidentally inside one of my eyes. I did not feel anything like sting, itchiness, pain, etc. My eye never became red and I didn’t have any sensitive reaction.


How do I use Bio Balance Lash Serum?

According to the brand, you can use this product as part of the morning or night-time skincare routine. However, I am using it only at night-time. The reason is that I wear makeup daily and I don’t want to apply makeup over the eyelash serum.

I am using this serum every single night. Firstly I clean well my lashes, removing any excess eyeliner and mascara. Then, I let my lashes dry completely. Finally, after my lashes are dry, I apply the serum to the top and bottom lashes using the applicator coming with the product.

You should be careful and swipe the applicator against the border of the tube to eliminate the excess product. The brush picks up too much product if you don’t swipe and the effect is not going to be better if you apply more product. Just the opposite, it is a waste as in skincare and makeup sometimes less is more and all products should be applied in thin layers.

It is very easy to apply. The brush is thin and precise and allows you an optimal application. However, I always use a mirror as I don’t want to get the brush on my eye. I hardly recommend you to apply this product in front of a mirror.

How do I feel after applying this product?

Something I really like about this product is that you don’t feel you applied it. I will explain this. I’ve tried different lash serums in the past and most of them produce a sting or itchy feeling in my eyes. Also, they normally feel sticky and I have the feeling of leaving most of the product on the pillowcase. With this lash serum, however, I feel nothing of that sort. Just after applying, I feel my eyelashes wet, but during the time I apply the rest of my skincare routine products, my lashes are dry and the product is absorbed by the skin. I don’t feel any discomfort after that.

The next morning I get up without any residue, ready to start the day. I could also apply the serum in the morning, but as I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to apply makeup on top of the product to avoid any change in my makeup product application.

Results after using Bio Balance Lash Serum

I’ve been using this product for about six weeks now. I was sceptical about this product when I used it for the very first time. There are a lot of products promising miracles and finally, you never get any results.

After some time using this product, I can feel my lashes stronger and thicker, I may say even a bit longer. I always had very long lashes so I think they look longer because they are thicker. I don’t think length has increased. However, they are so much thicker. I can see them looking with more hair density.

That effect is even more noticeable when using mascara. Now with some mascaras, my lashes look as if I were wearing falsies.

My lashes are also becoming definitely stronger. I can confidently say that the number of lashes falling when I remove the makeup has gone down now. The only change in my routine is this serum, which I was not using before so this should be the reason for the change in my lash strength.

I am showing the below pictures before (top) and after (bottom) using the serum. I don’t know if you will be able to see the difference. The quality of the pictures is not the best and I do not know what is the best way of taking the pictures. I know for sure, my lashes and I can say, there is a real difference.



In summary, it is the first time I see results using this type of product. You should apply every single night, without exceptions or excuses to see the results. But if you apply as you should you will start seeing the differences in a few weeks. This product is not expensive (one tube will last for a couple of months). I think it is worth giving it a try.

Bio Balance Lash Serum


  • Easy to apply
  • Gentle even with sensitive eyes
  • The tube lasts for a couple of months
  • Gets absorbed quickly and does not leave a residue.


  • You should apply daily
  • Takes some time to show results
  • I don’t think results are permanent and you may need to apply a couple of times a week after the first course to keep the results

Do I recommend this product?

I do recommend trying this product. If you have short, sparse or weak lashes this product may be a good option for you.


Have you ever tried this type of product? Share your experience in the comments.


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