Tasty Peach Lipstick by I Heart Revolution Review

I am a big fan of the brand Revolution and all the small brands it involves, but I Heart Revolution is my favourite. All the products come in lovely and cute packaging and the quality of the products is amazing to be an affordable brand. In this post, I am going to review the Tasty Peach Lipstick by I Heart Revolution.

Why Tasty Peach Lipstick?

At the beginning of May, they released new highlighters, Tasty Peach, Tasty Apple and Tasty Strawberry and new lipsticks Tasty Peach (I think Tasty Cherry also). The Peach products collection attracted my attention soon. I was looking for an orange shade lipstick for quite some time and Tasty Peach was perfect. Also, I love the peach scent and I didn’t think too much, I bought the lipstick and the highlighter.


Price and Availability

I bought it at the official website in UK, Revolution Beauty, just after they released it and it cost me £5. Due to the lockdown at that moment, they take longer than normal in the delivery and they forgot to include the lipstick in the parcel. It was a big story; you can read it HERE. I have nothing to say about Customer Service, they sorted my query really well and solved my problem in an effective way. Finally, by the end of May, I got my lipstick.


Tasty Peach Lipstick Packaging

I wanted to try this product because of the colour and the peachy smell they promised. The packaging was a positive point in getting this lipstick and no other. It is as cute as it seems to be in the picture. The pack is lovely, easy to carry in the bag because it will not open accidentally. It comes in frosted glass with a plastic pastel lid covered with a mini peaches illustration. There is only one size of 2 mL and there are 8 shades available, all in peach and pink colours. I bought the shade Melba, which is an orange nude shade.


Tasty Peach Lipstick: how it feels on the lips

The product is creamy but not stick and has a soft peach smell. It doesn’t smell too much to peach compared with the highlighter. This one smells like if you were eating a ripened peach but the lipstick have a very soft peachy smell, I would like it to have a stronger peach scent.

The texture feels like a gloss when you apply but doesn’t feel as sticky as gloss does. I should say feels like a gloss when applying and like a lipstick once applied. It is easy to apply, comes with a doe-foot applicator. I am applying it with a lip brush but not because the applicator is not good but because I feel that when you apply any lips product with a brush that product stays longer on your lips. It quickly dries after application and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling.


This product is ideal for an everyday look as it is natural. It transfers to my lips as it looks in the tube and there is no colour modification. It transfers a bit, but that is normal on this type of product. In spite of that, I am applying it in the morning and I don’t need to reapply during the day. Obviously, it loses some colour during the day but in a uniform way.


The product is as they promise in the description: smooth formula, glossy texture, demi-matte finish with the unique lack of the peach smell, which in my opinion is very soft.


To conclude, I like this product. I like the texture, the shade I chose and the smell (even if I think a bit stronger would be better). It is easy to apply and last most of the day on my lip with very little transfer. It is a very good quality for an affordable product, which is not surprising with this brand. The product is vegan and cruelty-free, like all the products from Revolution.

I recommend it strongly. Well, not only do I recommend it, I am going to buy more shades of the Tasty Peach and at least one of the Tasty Cherry.


Product: ★★★

Pigmentation: ★★★

Texture: ★★★

Longevity: ★★✰

Application: ★★★

Scent: ★✰✰

Total: ★★★★✰


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