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Revolution Beauty Order: A Happy-Ending Story

Hello my lovely people out there!!!!

I recently received a parcel with products I ordered from Revolution Beauty. It was a long way to have all the products I ordered, do you want to know why? Continue reading the post and you will know the whole story.


I placed my order the 4th May in the Revolution Beauty website. It took quite long to get my parcel but, well, it is understandable considering the actual coronavirus crisis. The worst part of this purchase was going to come later. I was very excited to get the new products I ordered and quickly I opened the box. I started straight forward to look for two of the new products I ordered and imagine my face when I saw that they were missing and instead I had a product I did not ordered and I don’t use at all……. That is what I got in my parcel:


I was very excited with my Unicorn eyeshadow palette from I Heart Revolution. I did not try it yet but my first impression after swatching it is very good. The shades are very nice and bright, there are matte and glitter shades, and they have all of them a creamy texture and a very high pigmentation. I need to use it on my eyes to see how easy (or not) they blend and how long do they last after applied.



The other product I ordered and I was expecting with excitation was the new Tasty Peach Highlighter from I Heart Revolution. I love it……. It smells as if you were eating a peach, very, very peachy. It comes in two shades, a golden shade and pink-based one, both of them very nice, bright and pigmented. The one I like more is pink-based peach but I need to test applying both mixed. I also love the pack; it is environmental friendly as it is made on cartoon with a very cute peach shape, which is a plus.


I ordered also the new Tasty Peach lipstick from I Heart Revolution matching with the highlighter and the very popular Strobe Highlighter Flash from Revolution Makeup  I have seen to many Youtubers with very good reviews every time. But they were not in the box and instead I had Game Set Matte Baking Powder from Makeup Obsession……. I have very dry skin and hardly I can use setting powders, imagine about baking technique……

I contacted Revolution Customer Care immediately and they assure me I was going to receive my two missing products (or reimbursement if I prefer but I wanted my products). When asked about the baking powder they said as it was their fault I could keep them. Anyway, it is not one of the product I use more but if I need to set the concealer or foundation under my eyes I can use these powders as they are really light and in a shade matching my skin tone.


Finally I got my two last items the 28th May.

The Tasty Peach lipstick shade is amazing. I bought Melba and it is an orange shade very suitable for the hot summer time. Smell is not as peachy as in the highlighter but it is still nice. I did not try on my lips but for how hard was to remove from my arm after the swatch I guess it will last long time on my lips.

And what can I say about Strobe? All the reviews I saw in Youtube and read in different sites about it were fully right. It is an amazing product with a very natural bright. It is very pigmented and a small amount is enough to make you look as a fairy. It has shimmer particles but it is a highlighter, it MUST have them…….


Obviously these are only my first impressions and I need to use all the products for some time before making a full review. But they are very promising.

In summary, Revolution is a brand which most of the time fulfil my expectations. All the products I ordered look beautiful. They are affordable, quality is very high, and they are cruelty free. They are starting to use more eco-friendly packaging, which is a surplus. I am bit disappointed with the missing products and how long it took to have the full order with me. Nevertheless, they were very helpful in customer service amending the mistake very quickly. 

Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

I love beauty and skincare, try new products, and share my opinion with you. All my knowledge comes from years of experience and reading articles. I have dry skin, Fitzpatrick type IV, warm undertone, and my main concern is hyperpigmentation. Keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you. We are all different and products can have different results on your skin. Want to talk? Email me at contact@irenebeautyandmore.com

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