Project Pan 2022 Update 1

I am very much excited to write this first update of the project pans I am doing this year. This is the first month and I used a lot of the products I intended. Let me give you the first update of Project Pan 2022.

Beauty A to Z Project Pan 2022

I did not advance in all the products this month for obvious reasons. There are 28 products and however have only one face…… However, I made well use of some of them.

I decided to do in the roll in-roll out way. That means I will be focussing on 10 products and I will roll in a new product only after rolling out one from my previous choice. If you want to see all the products I chose for this project pan, click here.


The products I chose to work on this month together with their usage goal and real use are:

  • W7 Blush Rebel: 4 uses (goal 10 uses)
  • Garnier Rose Tone: 33 used (goal finish the product)
  • Holika Holika Lemon Foaming Cleanser: 20 uses (goal finish the product)
  • L’oreal Air Volume Mascara: 10 uses (goal finish the product)
  • Maybelline Radiant Foundation: 8 uses (goal finish the product)
  • Neutrogena Cleansing Gel: 25 uses (goal finish the product
  • I Heart Revolution Taste Peach Highlighter: 4 uses (goal 10 uses)
  • Q+A Superfood Oil: 3 uses (goal finish the product)
  • Yves Rocher Blush: 8 uses (goal finish the product)
  • Ciate Hydrating Primer: 3 uses (goal finish the product)

I think this is good progress. I will continue with the same product in February as well hoping to meet the goal for some of them.


Children of the 80s Project Pan 2022

For this project, I picked randomly 8 prompts from a list of 80, if I remember correctly. I set a goal for each one and I will be generating a new prompt once I reach the goal for one of the initial prompts. You can read the full project pan introduction from this link.

I did not advance with all the products and, therefore, I am not going to mention the products I did not touch. My advances for this project pan are:

  • Prompt 24: Perfect Strangers – a new item in your collection

 B. Cleansing balm – Finish: I used it 15 times

  • Prompt 36: Sun In – a brightening/lightening product

 Catrice more than glow highlighter – use 15 times. I only used it once.

  • Prompt 45: Can’t Buy Me Love – a product that was a free gift with purchase

 Tarte Blush – use 15 times: I used it once.

  • Prompt 52: It Takes Two – a duo or dual-ended product

Brow Pen – Use 15 times: I used it 13 times.

  • Prompt 57: Ghostbusters (“He slimed me!”) – something green

Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask – Finish. I used it 7 times.

I may be meeting the goal for prompt 52, as I should use the brow pen only two more times. I am excited to see which new prompt will come out.

Lip Service Project Pan 2022

I used most of the products I chose for this project pan. However, some of them I used only once, but it is better than not using at all, don’t you think?

My advances for this project are:

  • Laneige Sleeping Balm – Finish: I used it 5 times
  • Lip Scrub – Use 15 times: I used it only once. However, I may take that product out of the project pan and replace it with other because I recently read an interview with a dermatologist who said the use of scrubs is very bad for the lip skin cells.
  • Carmex Lip Balm – Use 10 times: I used only once.
  • Revolution Lipstick – Use 10 times: I used it only once
  • Bansheer Liquid Lipstick – Use 10 times: I used it 3 times. It is a lovely and very fixed lipstick.

Pan that Palette Project Pan

This is a project I am doing on my own, I mean, not in any group as the previous one, which is all organised by the Facebook group Pantastic Ladies Collabs.

I chose a Revolution Beauty palette for this project, for which I already panned one of the bronzers. My objective with this palette is to pan the remaining three products (a darker bronzer and two highlighters).


I used it 7 times this month, which is not bad at all considering the number of bronzers and highlighters I own. That is how it looks right now.

And that is all for the moment. I will post the next update, corresponding to February, at the beginning of March.

Let me know in the comments if you are participating in any project pan or if you do on your own.


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