Nivea Soothing Care Hand Cream Review

Nivea Soothing Care Hand Cream Review

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

I have never used the high quantities of hand cream I am using this year. Because of the actual situation, I wash my hands and apply antibacterial gel very frequently. As you should know, the consequences of this hand washing is having the hands drier than normal (and normally my hands are already dry). I didn’t count how many times a day I apply hand cream, but I can tell you that I spent a few tubes of cream.


I buy different hand cream every time trying to find one which makes my hands hydrated without leaving an oily feeling. This time I wanted to go for a classical brand and I bought Nivea Soothing Care Hand Cream with aloe vera. I never used this cream before but I used others from this brand and my experience is good.

About Nivea

Nivea was founded in Germany in 1911 by a pharmacist who succeeded in combining oil and water into a stable cream. The brand’s name comes from the Latin word for snow, as the cream he created was snow white. That cream is the traditional Nivea cream in the blue container and nowadays the formula is just as it was created originally. Nivea has a full range of products, including sunscreen and men ranges.

One of Nivea’s family product is the Soothing Care Hand Cream with aloe vera.


What the brand claims about this hand cream

“Give your hands a nourishing treat with Nivea Soothing Care Hand Cream. Aloe vera is a healing agent, packed with antioxidants and vitamins, making this hand cream perfect for sore, dry skin.”

  • Quick to absorb
  • Leave the skin soft and smooth
  • Doesn’t have a greasy feeling
  • Protects up to 24 hours
  • How to use
  • Apply as needed and massage until the cream is absorbed.




Aqua, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Dimethicone, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Myristic Acid, Arachidic Acid, Oleic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Linalool, Benzyl Alcohol, Geraniol, Citronellol, Parfum


Price and availability

Price in the UK is around £2.5 for a 75 mL tube and it is widely available. In Europe, you can buy from most supermarkets and beauty shops.



My Experience using the product

Nivea Soothing Care Hand Cream comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a flip flop cap covering a nozzle to dispense the right amount you need. It is a very flexible tube, which helps to use all the cream contained on it, minimising the waste. All relevant information, as PAO, ingredients, etc is printed on the tube. The tube contains 75 mL and I was using it for almost three months in my office.

The cream is white, not very thick, with a nice smell. This smell is soft and not persistent, disappears quickly after application. It covers really well the skin, one pea-size amount is enough for both hands.

It has a smooth texture and blends really well on the skin. It is lightweight, non-greasy and hydrating. Something very important for me is that it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on my hands. I was using it in my office and I can continue working just after applying, unlike other hand creams, for which I need to wait sometime to get absorbed. This Nivea cream absorbs really quick with a gentle massage.

It is a good product to soften your hands on the go and keeps them soft. However, it doesn’t heal cracked or very dry hands. I think is a good cream to use in summer, but my hands need something thicker and more nourishing for winter. After washing your hands, the nourishing effect disappears and you need to re-apply the cream. That is inconvenient in the actual situation when we wash our hands more frequently.


✅ Pros

  • Smooth texture
  • Soft smell
  • Absorbs quick
  • Leaves hand soft without a greasy feeling
  • Small amount enough to cover both hands
  • Affordable and widely available


❌ Cons

  • Needs to re-apply after washing your hands
  • Doesn’t repair very dry or cracked hands


Will I repurchase it?

Yes, I am sure I will.



Nivea products are always a safe choice, they have excellent quality and they are affordable. However, all of us have different skin type and concerns. This cream is a good option for people with not very dry hands to keep them hydrated. If you have very dry hands, as in my case, this cream will be a very good option for summer but for winter, when cold weather cracks and dries more our hands, is not enough to keep them in good conditions.


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