Technic Megalash Mascara Tested: Amp Up Your Lash Game

Mascaras are an important makeup product. They enhance the appearance of the eyes and lashes and transform any makeup look. There are many options available which allow us to achieve different results, like volumizing, lengthening and definition among others. Choosing a mascara can be overwhelming and sometimes expensive. In this post, I am going to introduce Technic Megalash Mascara in brown. This is an affordable mascara with amazing results. Continue reading if you want to know more.

What does the brand say?

Our best-selling mascara is now available in brown. Long-wearing, lash-building formulation with a mega wand for mega volume and in a brown shade for a softer look.

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LASH BUILDING FORMULA – This clump-free, smudge-proof formula provides that must-have WOW Factor for stunning lashes after just one application!

MEGA WAND – With a specially designed brush that delivers mega volume, maximum length and impact, you can create dramatic lashes that you won’t stop fluttering.

BE DIFFERENT – The brown colour creates a lighter, warmer look for those with fairer skin tones. Tired of the same old black lash look? Try our volumizing brown mascara for a softer, summer-time edge.

YOU. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. Face every day with confidence and shine! We stay ahead of the latest trends to bring you high-quality beauty at prices you will love and to keep you looking and feeling great every day. Celebrate the every day with us!

PETA APPROVED – Technic Cosmetics are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans.

Price and availability

The price of this mascara is £4 and you can buy it from Technic Website or Amazon.

My opinion about Technic Megalash Mascara

Packaging and colour

This mascara comes in a brown plastic tube. It is not the typical cylindric mascara tube. This one is wider in the centre and thinner on both extremes. It is closed by a screw cap holding the wand.

The tube is brown with the letters of the brand and the product in white. There is nothing fancy on the packaging, but, keeping in mind the price, I can’t expect anything better.

This product is available in black and in brown. Most of the mascaras I own are black. That is why I decided to buy this one in brown, to get something different.

I like brown mascaras. They allow me to achieve a lighter, warmer look which I love for everyday makeup.


Technic Megalash Mascara Wand and Application

My first impression after opening this product was: WOW, this wand is huge!!!!! The wand is truly huge. It has a slightly tapered shape, with the tip bit thinner than the base.

This is a bristle wand. I know some people prefer plastic or silicone wands, but I feel the bristle wands are better for my lashes.

The wand allows me a good application of the product on the top-line lash. I apply the product through a zig-zag motion from roots to tips. My lashes are evenly coated almost effortlessly. I don’t get any clumps of product over my lashes.

For the bottom-line lashes, however, I feel the wand is too big. I should go very carefully and slowly, or I can get products everywhere.

Length and volume

This product gives both length and volume to my lashes. While I am applying the mascara, I can see how my lashes length increases (well, my lashes length is the same, but they look longer).

The product takes a while to be completely dry. After it dries, the volumizing effect is amazing. Very few mascaras give volume and length at the same time as well as this one does.

For an everyday look, I apply one single coat of product. My lashes don’t feel heavy at all. I feel as if I were not wearing mascara.

I want to show you a picture of the before and after applying one coat of product, so you can see the effect.


Technic Megalash Mascara Lasting Power

This mascara lasts all day on my lashes without smudging, fading, clumping or transferring to my lids.

The packaging doesn’t say anything about if it is a waterproof mascara. I normally prefer waterproof mascaras. In summer waterproof mascara will be fine if I am sweating. During winter the mascara will not go if I get rain over my lashes (I live in the UK North-East where is always raining).

Despite not mentioning if the product is waterproof, it stays in place after sweating, my gym classes and even swimming. There is no way of moving this product out of my lashes.


This long-lasting power is a real pain when you want to remove the mascara. It is not easy to remove at all.

My skincare routine includes three steps of cleansing: first I remove my eye makeup with an eye makeup remover, I apply then a cleansing balm or oil and finally, I use a water-based cleanser. After those three steps, some rests of mascara are still on my lashes. It is like an extended double cleanse.

To completely remove it I need to apply a reusable pad soaked in eye makeup remover up to 4-5 times. I leave it over my lids for about 15 seconds and then swipe away following the lashes’ direction.

After the first 2 to 3 swipes the pad comes with rests of mascara. It doesn’t come out as most mascaras do, homogenously staining the reusable pad. Instead, this product comes out as small pieces (look at the picture).

Only after 4 or 5 swipes the pad comes out clean.

That process irritates my dedicated under-eye area. Keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin or under the eye area.

Technic MegaLash Mascara


Volume and length of my lashes

Lasts a long time.

Doesn’t clump, smudge or fallout.

Brown shade



Wand too big for the bottom-line lashes

Very difficult to remove.

Do I recommend it?

 I recommend this product. The effect it leaves on the lashes is impressive. However, remember how hard it is to remove if you have sensitive skin.

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In summary, I love this mascara. Since I used it the first time I am using it almost every day. This product transforms my eyes and produces a dramatic look while my lashes look flattery.

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