Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter Review

Highlighter is one of my favourite makeup products. I’ve been using Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter in the shade 010 for some time. In this post, I am going to let you know my opinion about it.

What does the brand say about More Than Glow Highlighter?

Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter is a highlighter powder that creates an intense metallic glow. The ultra-soft, silky texture gently blends with the skin’s complexion and emphasises natural tones with a radiant and metallic shimmering effect.

Free from oils, parabens and perfumes. Cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

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Shades available

This highlighter is available in three different shades:

  • 010 Ultimate Platinum Glaze – White Gold
  • 020 Supreme Rose Beam – Pink
  • 030 Beyond Golden Glow – Pure Gold

I have the shade 010 Ultimate Platinum Glaze

Price and availability

This product is available from most online drugstore retailers such as Just My Look. It costs £3.95.

What do I think about Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter

About the packaging

There is nothing special on the packaging, but what matters is the product inside. The packaging is a cheap plasticky pack. It is a round see-through plastic with a floral print on black. It is not sturdy. I think that it will break if I drop it. It has a click system to close so it will not open accidentally in the bag.

Inside the packaging, there is a good size pan that contains 5.9 grams of the product. This powder has a blossom design on it, something that I feel is really cute.


About the 010 shade

I have the shade 010 which is white gold. I should not call it white gold, I feel it is more like a champagne colour. It has a neutral undertone trending to the side of the cool hues.

I feel it is the perfect shade for everyday makeup. It is neutral enough to fit most skin tones.

In terms of intensity, it is a quite intense highlighter and leaves a metallic effect, like when you have your cheeks wet.

It has lots of shimmer particles. However, these particles are very small, though you can easily see them even without using direct light. We need to keep in mind that most of the highlighters have shimmer particles. In fact, these particles are responsible for reflecting the light.

I really like this highlighter in the shade 010 as it leaves a nice luminosity on your skin without having a base colour. I mean, I hate the type of highlighter that leaves a line on your cheeks that is visible even when you are not under direct light.

A highlighter should illuminate the skin when receiving light but in the absence of direct light such as sunlight or flashes, a good highlighter should not be visible.


About the texture and pigmentation

This product is a powder highlighter but it has a creamy to powder formula. I mean, it is clearly powder but with a thick texture that feels like a cream. It feels smooth and buttery when you touch it. It is so soft……

This product is very well pigmented and that is something that in principle I don’t like, but you can apply it with a light hand to get a mild effect. It is buildable and allows the application of multiple layers to intensify the effect. Applied with light hand leaves an everyday nice illumination while if you build it up with few layers you can get an extra-sparkling effect which will attract people’s attention.

It also blends really well with other face products like bronzer and blush. It does not create patches when you apply over the liquid foundation even when you don’t use setting powders.

This highlighter does not emphasise the skin textures or the skin pores, something which is very frequent in other highlighters.

It swatches really well, like a dream, and when you apply it on the cheeks it glides nicely and smoothly over the skin. I like to apply it with a fan brush for a mild effect and with a flame thin brush for a more intense look.


Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter Lasting Power

It has good lasting power. It lasts on my cheeks for 8 hours and that is enough for me. If I want to wear it for a longer time, I re-apply it easily. When you re-apply the results are similar to when you apply it for the first time in the morning.

I like to use it in combination with the Catrice Blush Box and with the WetnWild Color Icon Bronzer. The combination of these three products makes me sparkly.

In summary, I love this highlighter. It leaves a lovely shine on my skin without enhancing the skin textures and lasts in place for a full working day. It is perfect for everyday makeup.

If I need to describe this product with a few words, I should say that when you apply this product you look as if a fairy has sneezed on your cheeks.


  • Nice formula
  • Perfect shade
  • Buildable
  • Blends well with other products
  • Does not enhance skin textures
  • Lasts a working day
  • Affordable


  • Lots of shimmer particles
  • Too pigmented
  • Only available in three shades

Do I recommend Catrice More Thank Glow Highlighter?

Yes, I recommend this product. However, keep in mind the shimmer particles it has, you may not like them. If having shimmer particles on your face is not a problem for you, maybe you should try this product. You will understand why it is so popular.


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