W7 Blush Rebel Review

I love high-end brands of makeup, but there is something that I like even more than that. That is finding affordable makeup products that give results like the high-end brands. This is the case of the product I am going to review in this post. I am talking about the W7 Blush Rebel.


What the brand says

A blendable and super buildable formula to add a natural, youthful pop of colour to your cheeks.

Vegan-friendly and parabens free.

W7 Cosmetics

W7 Blush Rebel Shades

This blush is available in three shades:

  • All Night – A peachy pink shimmer glow
  • Teach Me – A shimmering deep nude/pink shade
  • Strip Tease – A matte peach nude.

I only have this blush in one shade, All Night. Therefore, all that I am going to say applies only to this shade. I don’t know if the other two show the same performances.

Price and availability

It is an affordable blush. The price is £4,95 for 38 grams of the product. It is widely available. You can buy from W7 Cosmetics website, different online retails and some drugstores.


My opinion about W7 Blush Rebel

About the packaging

The blush is packed in a plastic black case which shows the name of the product and the brand on the top. There is a sticker on the back of the packaging showing the shade name, ingredients and other legal requirements.

It comes in a very handy size. The pack is not too small and, therefore, it is easy to dip a brush, even a big blush brush. It has the right size to carry with you in your handbag.

As I already mentioned, the case is made of plastic, but it is very soft plastic. It has a velvety touch that resembles the packaging of some high-end products.

The lid shuts with a click and closes securely so it is not going to open accidentally in your bag and make a mess. I hate when I take something from my bag to realise that the makeup opened accidentally and it is everywhere.


Inside the case, there is a big pan containing 38 grams of pressed powder and a mirror in the inner part of the lid. The mirror is big enough, it covers all the packaging extensions. I was surprised because normally this type of affordable makeup comes in a simple pack without a mirror and is not good quality plastic. This pack looks quite luxurious.

With this product, you get 38 grams of blush. It is a very good amount. Considering the quantity we need for a makeup look, this blush may last all your life if you store it properly.

About the shade

I have only one shade, All Night. It is a deep pink shade with a peach undertone, matching my warm skin undertone. It looks shimmering. However, you can see the shimmer particles only under very direct light, like when you use the mobile light. They are small shimmer particles.

The shade looks intense in the pan and seems to have a satin finish. This blush is very similar to the very well-known Orgasm Blush by NARS, which is a cult product.

W7 Blush Rebel Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of this blush is amazing. It is a powder, but it is not dusty or chalky. This product is not creamy either. It is a very soft and fine powder with a silky touch.

It has good pigmentation though it is not excessively pigmented. I prefer a low pigmentation for the face products. If a product is not very pigmented you can build the colour up with different layers. However, a very pigmented product can leave a line on your face which is normally difficult to blend.

When you apply this blush you get a lovely pink colour on your cheeks which gives you a healthy look without resembling Heidi.

If you like more intense blush you can apply several layers. This is a buildable blush that allows you to control the intensity of the colour depending on what you want for your makeup.

It is an easy blendable product. I like how it blends on the skin and with other makeup products for the face such as bronzer or highlighter. It does not move or patch the foundation applied underneath.

Once applied, you can see the micro-shimmer particles when you are under direct sunlight but it is not an excessive shimmer. However, if you don’t like shimmer on your face that product may not be for you.

Lasting Power

I apply the blush in the morning and the product lasts on my face until the end of my working day. It will fade a bit during the day as happens with any powder product, but it lasts what I consider a good amount of time.

It is not waterproof, so keep in mind if you are wearing it on a very hot day when you will sweat or during a rainy day as it can disappear with sweat and rainwater.

W7 Blush Rebel vs NARS Orgasm

I should say that W7 Blush Rebel is a dupe of the NARS Orgasm blush. Even they have a similar package. If you see them side by side, the shade is pretty much the same and something similar happens when you compare the swatches one beside the other. If I need to point out any difference I could say that W7 Blush Rebel shows a more peach and therefore warm undertone while the NARS blush has a more cold undertone, but the difference is minimum.

The product on the left is Wy Blush Rebel while on the right is NARS Orgasm

I feel that the W7 product has a slightly more satin finish than the NARS blush but all these differences I am mentioning are not perceptible when you apply the product to the cheeks.

In summary, this product is a very natural blush. It allows you to build the intensity and blends easily with other products. It is an excellent blush at an affordable price.


  • Nice packaging with a mirror
  • Lovely pink shade
  • Not chalky texture
  • Luminous satin finish
  • Good buildable pigmentation
  • Blendable
  • Good lasting power


  • Has shimmer particles
  • Only available in three shades

Do I recommend it?

If you are happy with shimmer particles on your face, I recommend this product. I may buy the other two shades to see if they are as good as this one.


Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

I love beauty and skincare, try new products, and share my opinion with you. All my knowledge comes from years of experience and reading articles. I have dry skin, Fitzpatrick type IV, warm undertone, and my main concern is hyperpigmentation. Keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you. We are all different and products can have different results on your skin. Want to talk? Email me at contact@irenebeautyandmore.com

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