I Heart Revolution Fantasy Makeup Pigment Palette Unicorn Review

I Heart Revolution Fantasy Makeup Pigment Palette Unicorn Review

Sunday, 06 December 2020


Sometimes, we buy a product because all the reviews we read about it say that it is a good product, good quality, works well, etc and then, when we try ourselves, we realize that, on our skin, it doesn’t work that well.

That is what happened with the eyeshadow palette I am going to review today. I love unicorns and I couldn’t avoid loving this palette when I saw it. I look for info and reviews and all that I read said that it was a lovely palette. As it was at a reduced price, I bought it. I didn’t use it for months but when I used it I became very disappointed. Do you want to know why? Continue reading then.


The palette is the Fantasy Makeup Pigment Palette Unicorn by I Heart Revolution. It is a nine pan eyeshadow palette in the pink and violet shades. According to the brand, the palette contains “nine dreamy shades from soft lilac to sparkling silver in matte and shimmer finishes.

The Packaging

The palette comes in a holographic silver packaging, made on cardboard. Unfortunately, I binned it and I can’t show it to you. The palette is white with a clear transparent, hinged lid. It closes with clip closure. The clear lid is printed with metallic pink wordings and starts.


The nine eyeshadow pans come in a 3×3 layout and each one has a raised head of unicorn on it. There are 0.8 grams of product per pan.

Shades and Swatches

The shadows don’t have any name. Following numbers shown on the picture:

  1. Matte lavender
  2. White pearlescent
  3. Matte bright Pink
  4. Metallic bright silver
  5. Matte baby pink
  6. Metallic pale yellow
  7. Matte medium pinkish/purple
  8. Metallic pale blue with a purple hue
  9. Aubergine or matter deep purple

Price and availability

Normal price is £4 and you can buy from the Revolution Beauty website or any drugstore which sells I Heart Revolution products. I bought from the official site at a discount price of £3.

My Experience

I bought this palette in July and only now I decided to use it. When I received it, I did all the swatches and it looked like, I shouldn’t say great, but acceptable. For most of the eyeshadows, there is a difference between the behaviour in swatches compared with the behaviour on the eyelids. This palette is one of the cases when this difference is huge.

Before applying the eyeshadow, I apply an eye primer and setting powder. First thing you notice is the poor pigmentation. Colours look quite intense on the pan and swatches but they lose completely the intensity when applied on the eyelids. However, that is not a problem if you can easily build up the intensity. The problem is that these eyeshadows are not buildable and, what is worst, they don’t blend well. As you apply you can see colour patches which are almost impossible to blend out.


This palette has another problem and it is that the eyeshadow fades during the day. After a short time, a big quantity of powder is on your under eyes area. And that is not because they are dusty. I have other palettes with dusty products that stay on the eyelid all day.

Not all is bad in this palette. It is very easy to remove in the night with simply micellar water or any makeup remover, you don’t need to use neither oil nor balm.

I Heart Revolution has now good quality products in cute packaging. I like this brand and I have some products I really love. I love the Tasty Peach Collection (both the lipsticks and highlighter) and the Chocolate Range palettes for example. But for some products, the quality is not the top priority and they are concerned mainly by the packaging. That is the case of this unicorn palette, they seemed to be more concerned by the packaging than by the quality.


Surprisingly, most of the reviews about this palette say it is good. I don’t know if it is not good on my skin for some reason or if I got used to high-quality eyeshadows (keep in mind that high quality doesn’t mean high-end brand, some of my favourite palettes are from Primark or Aliexpress). What I want to say, if that makes sense, is that price and quality do not necessarily need to go together. In my opinion, this palette is cheap and bad quality.

In summary, this palette didn’t work well on my skin and I think I will not use it anymore. In principle, shades are nice but with poor pigmentation compared to what I like. It is a very cute palette and I think it may be ideal for teenagers who don’t use very intense eyeshadows. For me, this palette is a big NO.

✔ Pros

  • Very cute
  • Affordable
  • Nice for teenagers

❌ Cons

  • Poor pigmentation
  • Doesn’t blend well
  • Fades during the day
  • Very dusty eyeshadows


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