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I am not the best at doing the eyeliner and, therefore, I prefer a Kajal or Kohl eyeliner rather than liquid eyeliners to draw the eye line. This type of pencil is easier to use. However, they normally don’t last on the eyelid and smudge easily. I am always looking for the ideal eye pencil. Looking for eye pencils on the Internet, I recently found a collection of eye pencils which, at the moment, is my favourite. I am talking about the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil collection. I have some and I am going to review them in this post.

Essence is not a new brand for me. I have lots of products which I really love, I think I may have products for each makeup category and some skincare products also. I’ve already reviewed a couple of them in this blog, such as the Stay matte 8 H lipsticks and the Chrom On Eyeshadows.

What does the brand say?

Intense and long-lasting colour: with its innovative twist mechanism, the LONG LASTING eye pencil ensures a particularly accurate and easy application with long-lasting results. In addition to colours like black, brown and dark grey, it is now also available in trendy shades like blue, green or shimmering colours.

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Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil Shades Available

This eye pencil is available in different shades:

01 – Black Fever – a charcoal black

02 – Hot Chocolate – a chocolate brown

09 – Cool Dawn – an Olympic blue

12 – I Have a Green – a mesmerising teal

17 – Tu-Tu-Turquoise – a funky turquoise

20 – Lucky Lead – a charcoal grey

26 – Deep Sea Baby – a navy blue

27 – Purple Rain – a vibrant lilac

34 – Sparkling Black – a glittery black

35 – Sparkling Brown – an enchanting earth brown

36 – O live You – a pip green

05 – C’est La Vie – a sparkling silver

28 – Life in Pink – a vibrant pink

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Price and availability

The price of these pencils is £1.50 each and they are available in different online retails, like JustmyLook, Notino or Wilko.

My opinion about Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil

About the packaging

These pencils are not the typical wooden pencil that you need to keep constantly sharpening. They are made of plastic with the pencil lead inside. The body has some prints out in white with the brand’s name and shade number and name as well as other important information.

These pencils are automatic. I mean, the tip comes in and out through a twist mechanism. The pencils come with a cap to close them, which closes really well making the pencil easy to carry in the bag. The body as well as the cap match each other and are in a colour representing the pencil’s shade.

When you use them for the very first time you can see a very sharp tip. However, this tip becomes thicker and round as you use the pencil, making it difficult to get a precise application of the product. The pencils do not include any type of sharpener or brush on the other end which could ease the application and allow smoky eyes without the need for additional tools.


About Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil texture

The texture of these pencils is the main reason why I love them. They are really soft and creamy. Actually, they are so soft that they may break if you apply them with excessive force. They glide easily over the lid, even if there is some eye shadow applied underneath.

The intensity of the colours is amazing. They are very rich in colour and highly pigmented. The formula is not greasy at all and they set very quickly after application. Once they are set, they don’t transfer to the upper lid, smudge or fallout.

About the lasting power

As I said, the pigment is fixed and will not transfer to the upper lid, smudge or fallout during the day. They will stay a full working day without any issue. However, these pencils are not waterproof. I never tried them for swimming or take bath or shower with the eyeliner on, but in spite of they are not waterproof, they resist really well the effect of the water if you let them on their own without rubbing.

The following video shows how they perform when you punt under running water and when you rub them after putting them under running water. Obviously, they smudge when you rub them but, keeping in mind that they are not waterproof, they resist really well.

You can easily remove them using makeup remover or cleansing balm. You will eliminate the eyeliner completely without leaving any trace of the product.

Does each Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil have similar performance?

The behaviour of all the colours I have is similar. All of them have a creamy, soft formula, are equally easy to apply and last the same time on the lid.

They have, however, different finishes. While some of them show a completely matte finish, some of them are a bit more shimmery. Obviously, I do not have all the shades, though I would like. Out of the shades I have, the shades 12 I Have a Green and 05 C’est la Vie are sparkly or glittery and I think there are also a couple of them, at least one black and one brown, which are also glittery. I will try to buy them, I think they should be amazing.

In summary, These pencils are very good quality and really affordable. They are available in a huge variety of shades and have a creamy, soft formula which makes them very easy to apply. In spite of having a so creamy formula, they last a long time on the lid and resist quite well the exposure to water, so they are a good option for a place where rains a lot, like here in the UK.


Have you ever tried these pencils? What do you think about them? Let me know in the comments.


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