Elf Bite Size Eyeshadow Review: Elevate Your Eye Game

Today I want you to join me on the exploration of elf Bite Size Eyeshadow. These pocket-sized palettes hide a world of possibilities. They possess the power to transform your eyes into captivating canvases. Are you ready to embark on a mystical journey of colour and creativity? Let’s dive and discover the infinite possibilities that lie within these tiny palettes.


What does the brand say?

Little compact, big impact. These travel-size eyeshadow quads feature a combo of matte and shimmer shades to take your eyes from day to night and every mood. The luxe powder eyeshadow formula delivers a rich, highly blendable colour that stays put and makes a statement—whether that’s minimalist or dramatic.

Elf Website

elf Bite Size Eyeshadows Features

  • Ultra-pigmented, blendable colour
  • A mix of matte and shimmer shades (choose from 1o combos)
  • Smooth, creamy application
  • Perfect travel size for your purse or travel bag

Price and availability

In the UK, these palettes are available at the Elf website as well as at different online retailers like Superdrug, Beauty Bay and Amazon. If you are in the US you can get them at Ulta. Each palette costs £4 or $3.

Buy from Elf Website >> Buy from Amazon >> Buy from Superdrug >> Buy from Beauty Bay >> Buy from Ulta

Available Shades

This palette is available in 10 different shades. The ones I don’t have yet are Hot Jalapeno, Rose Water and Truffles.

  • Acai You
  • Berry Bad
  • I love you a latte
  • Orange dreamsicle
  • Cream and sugar
  • Carnival Candy
  • Hot jalapeno
  • Rose Water
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Truffles

My thoughts about elf bite size eyeshadow palettes

elf Bite Size Eyeshadows Packaging

elf bite size eyeshadow palettes are eyeshadow quads, which means that they include four pans per palette. The pans are in a lineal disposition. Despite the palettes being tiny, the pans are big enough to allow you to dip the brush without contaminating it with the neighbouring shade.

The palettes are really tiny, they fit in the palm of your hand. Each palette contains 3.5 g product.

The palettes are made of plastic. The bottom part, which is the part holding the pans, is white and the lid is transparent and allows you to see through it.

The lid shows a printout of the brand’s name. The bottom part has a sticker showing the ingredient list, shade’s name and other information.

The PAO is only 12 months, but I am using some of them for a couple of years and they are still good.



Each palette has a mixture of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. The unique palette with only matte shades is “I love you a Latte” which, by the way, is one of my favourites.

The matte shadows are highly pigmented but they also blend easily. Some of them are quite dusty, but not too much. They are also buildable, allowing you to start with a tiny amount of product and build up the intensity you need.

The shimmer shades are creamy and easy to apply. I can apply them with a flat brush and I get good pigmentation. However, I love very high shimmer pigmentation on my lids and I always apply them with my fingers.

There is no fallout during the application or during the day. They stay on the lid all day. The intensity of the shimmer decreases a bit, but that is fairly common even for very expensive high-end palettes.

The finish of the shimmer shades ranges from satin to foil metallic, depending on the palette.

elf Bite Size Eyeshadows Wear time

The wear time of these eyeshadows is good (I should say, however, that most of the eye products stay all day on my lids). They last from morning to night without greasing, fading or falling out. Most of the time I apply them without using any kind of eye primer. I don’t know how they will behave on oily lids.


Shades and colour selection

I am going to discuss only the six palettes I have. All of them allow you to make a full look. However, most of the time I tend to use them in combination with other palettes or single eyeshadows.
I found that some palettes have very similar colours. For example, the first shade in Cream and Sugar and the first in Carnival Candy look almost identical.

Most of the palettes are neutral. I think they should release palettes in a different range of colours for a more colourful look. They did that with the palettes they released in some limited editions. The limited editions Mint Melt and Good Vibes Only were more coloured. Elf should leave these palettes as part of their permanent collection.

Let’s see the colour included on each palette and the swatches. The shade description goes from left to right.

Cream and Sugar

The shimmer shades are fine. The pale matte shade is too pale and the dark is too dark.

  • Matte pale Peach
  • Shimmer champagne
  • Shimmer golden bronze
  • Matte deep brown

Carnival Candy

This is the least favourite of the palettes I have. The blue shade is not my piece of cake but makes the palette different.

  • Matte pale peach
  • Matte medium brown with a warm undertone
  • Matte medium brick red
  • Shimmery ocean blue

Berry Bad

I love this p[alette. I can build a stunning eye makeup look using only this palette.

  • Matte medium pink with a warm undertone
  • Metallic bronze to red
  • Shimmery berry
  • Matte burgundy

Acai You

This is a quad in blue shades with a cool undertone. They are not the shades suiting me more but I sometimes want to move out of my comfort zone and try different things.

  • Matte pale periwinkle
  • Shimmery denim blue
  • Shimmery indigo blue
  • Matte black to blue

Orange dreamsicle

This is a good palette to use on its own. You can create an amazing look without any other palette or single eyeshadow.

  • Shimmery apricot
  • Matte light peach
  • Shimmery Rustic copper
  • Matte burnt orange

I love you a latte

If I need to choose only one bite size palette, I am sure I choose this one. This palette is always very close to me on my vanity. I use it frequently to build different looks and it is the perfect complement for other palettes. If I want to make a quick day-to-day look I use this palette to make the basic eye shape and complement it with some shimmer on the lid from any other palette or any of my single eyeshadows.

All the shades in this palette are matte.

  • Creamy beige
  • Medium brown with a warm undertone
  • Medium brown with cool undertoned
  • Deep mocha

elf Bite Size Eyeshadow Palettes



Good quality

Travel friendly

Blendable, buildable and pigmented

Long-wearing time


All in neutral shades

Similar shades in different palettes

Do I recommend them?

I fully recommend them. Although some of them are not the shades suiting me better, they are really good quality, travel friendly and affordable. They are a good value-for-money option.


In conclusion, these eyeshadows have captivated me. They are reliable, allow a quick but stunning look, offer endless possibilities and help my creativity flow.

Don’t let the small size fool you, these eyeshadows will elevate your eye game to new heights.

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