Amazonliss: Brazilian Keratin Blow-Out Treatment Review

Disclosure: This product was gifted to me in exchange for a honest review.

Nowadays the curly girl method is becoming popular. This method of washing and treating hair naturally enhances curly or wavy hair. Some people prefer straight, shiny hair, which normally is comparatively difficult to achieve without expending hours styling the hair. The Brazilian Keratin blow-out is a treatment resulting in straight and shiny hair for a few weeks after application.

 Recently, I had the opportunity to try a Brazilian keratin treatment pack to do at home. I wanted to try and see the long-term results before giving my opinion. Now I have my opinion to share with you.

What is the Brazilian keratin blow-out and how much does it cost?

Brazilian keratin treatment is a hair smoothing treatment that temporarily coats the outer layer of the hair to smooth it, remove frizz, enhance shine, and decrease blow drying time.

This treatment is normally done by professionals in a beauty room and it is quite expensive. Prices are between £100-£150, depending on the hair length and degree of curling.

However, some brands sell Brazilian keratin blow-out treatment to do at home. They are so much cheaper than the professional ones and you can do them comfortably at home in only a couple of hours. One of these brands is Nutree Cosmetics.


Nutree Cosmetics is part of the wider group Nutree Professional Brazil. They are a Brazilian company that has a presence in many countries, including the US and the UK. Nutree

Cosmetics provides beauty products to use at home with a professional beauty room quality, using restorative ingredients like keratin. You can read more about the brand by clicking on this link.

 What the brand says

Amazonliss is an Anti-frizz Treatment System with high power of regeneration of the hair fibre due to the action of Hydrolyzed Keratin and Antioxidant properties of the Acai and Cocoa, natural extracts from Amazon – Brazil that penetrate the cuticle, rebuilding its structure, hydrating and restoring hair damaged, providing a smooth hair and absolute maximum brightness for up to 16 weeks.

Brazilian Keratin Blow-out treatment is a three step treatment that includes an anti-residue shampoo, the Brazilian smoothing treatment, and an intensive repair mask. 


  • Deep moisture and nutrition
  • Thermal hair protection
  • Maximum results up to 4 months
  • Absolute smoothness of hair
  • Extreme brightness
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fast, easy and safe application
  • No split ends

Key Ingredients

 It is not easy to find the INCI of the three products contained in the set. The key ingredients the brand claims are:

  • Cacao. Gives shine to hair
  • Acai. Eliminates curly hair.
  • Rice. Makes hair smoother
  • Soya. Restores damaged hair structure.
  • Corn. Improves hair growth.
  • Wheat. Retains elasticity.

What is inside the box 


Anti-residue shampoo

This shampoo works by opening the hair cuticle up and preparing the hair for absorption of the keratin.


Brazilian Keratin treatment

This is one of the strongest keratin treatments in the market.


Intensive Repair Mask

Serves as a closing step in the Brazilian Reconstruction Procedure. It provides maximum hydration and softness to the hair.


How to use

  • Wash the hair with Anti Residue Shampoo, massaging into a lather. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse. Repeat the operation for virgin hair or resistant hair.
  •  Use a hairdryer and hands to dry hair to about 85% dry.
  •  Section the hair into 6 equal parts with hair clips.
  •  Apply the Brazilian Smoothing Treatment in one section starting from the base of the head. Open the section in half and apply the product to the upper and lower parts of the section.
  •  Use a fine-tooth comb to comb through the entire section, from the roots to the ends, making sure the whole length of hair is covered by the product. Do not over-saturate.
  •  With the hairdryer set to cold air, dry the two sections completely without brushing. Repeat on all sides of the section.
  •  Divide the hair into four parts and then flat iron the hair from 8 to 10 times from root to the middle of the strands, and from 4 to 6 times onto the ends, the flat iron temperature should range between 380 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit (190 – 240°C).
  •  Repeat the iron straightening process in all the hair, always making sure to take fine and linear strands of hair throughout the head.
  •  Always position the flat iron at a 90 angle to achieve a straight result starting from the roots.
  •  Rinse the hair. Apply the Intensive Repair Mask and work it throughout the hair. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse again.
  •  Blow-dry the hair.

 Price and Availability

 The kit contains three bottles, one for each step. All the bottles are the same size and are available in different sizes.

The Home size contains 60 mL bottles and is enough for one application. The price is $49.99.

The Amateur format lasts up to 5 applications and the bottles contain 250 mL each. The price of this set is $88.99.

Finally, the biggest size is the Professional set, which contains 1 L bottle for 20+ application for $232.

You can buy from the NutreeCosmetics website and from Amazon.

 My opinion about Amazonliss Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I got the home size (60 mL). The product comes in a box with all the information displayed in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Inside the box, you can find a leaflet with the step-by-step and three bottles. The bottles are labelled with the content and with the step number, instructions on how to use them are also displayed in the bottle. There is no confusion in the order you should apply them.

The bottles are cylindrical with a screw cap. There is no nozzle to control the quantity of product dispensed.


The shampoo has the normal shampoo consistency. It is colourless, translucent and the smell reminds me of a beauty salon.

The second product, the keratin treatment, is the most important product of the kit. It has a creamy consistency, quite fluid, and has some bits on it. The smell is fruity, very artificial, and reminds me of a chewing gum I used to take in my childhood.

The last one, the repair mask, has a creamy consistency. The product is white and has a soft smell which I am not able to identify.


My experience using this product.

 I followed the instructions step by step and started washing my hair with the Anti-residue Shampoo, labelled as 1. Following their advice, I apply the shampoo twice, rinsing in between applications.

The smell is good, I felt it like the smell in the hairdresser. The first application did not lather  much, but it produced good lather in the second application. However, I never felt my hair so dry . The feeling was awful, and I had difficulties even when brushing my hair as the brush was stuck because of dryness.

 But the worst part of my experience came with the second step. After washing the hair, I dried it, not completely as it was explained in the leaflet. I divide it into 6 parts and started to apply the second step production one of the parts.

It was the part closer to my neck. It wasn’t bad, I applied the product, combed it, and dried it with cold air. So far so good. I moved to the middle section, and I applied the product.  At that point, my scalp started to burn, the bathroom was full of an awful chemical vapour which irritated my eyes and throat, and the hair was never fully dried.


I thought my scalp was burnt, literally (I should mention that I did patch test and it was fine). Even with the window widely opened I couldn’t breathe because of the nasty chemical and I was literally crying because of eye irritation. Despite wearing latex gloves, I felt irritation in my hand, as when you come in contact with lye (sodium hydroxide solution), and skin stated to peel off. My hair was never getting dry so I couldn’t iron the part closer to the root as I could feel the hissing when the heat was touching my wet hair and I was scared of burning it.

Finally, after a very long time drying this section of hair and repeating the process with the rest of the sections, I finished with this step as good as I could and moved to the best parfait of the process, rinsing the hair. Imagine the big relief I felt when I rinsed my hair and applied fresh water to my scalp.

I applied the mask and that step went well. After rinsing the mask I removed the excess water with a towel and blow-dry the hair without brushing it.


The Results

After all this hard and time-consuming process, I was expecting my hair to be perfectly flat, shiny and beautiful but it was not. It achieved better straightening than before the treatment, but it was still frizzy. I can get the same effect with any good mask and a hair iron.

After 3 days, I could see again some waves on my hair. But not all is bad. After washing my hair again, using my habitual shampoo and conditioner, my hair is straighter than before applying the treatment, even when I naturally dry the hair without blowing. The effect is still there and I applied the treatment 4 weeks ago.


My Considerations

After testing the product, I thought about all that I applied to my hair. The shampoo left my hair extremely dry and I think it is because of the sulfate content in it. I couldn’t feel any nourishing effect from the shampoo, as claimed, just the opposite.

Regarding the second step, do I really want to apply to my hair a product that burns  my scalp and produces huge amount of chemical vapours? Obviously not.

My skin and scalp are not especially sensitive. I use retinol and hydroxy acids on my skin and never had any adverse reaction, even not a small rash or discomfort. I have been dying my hair, for a few years now, by a professional and at home, using different brands, from well-known expensive brands to pound shop cheap brands, I never had any sort of irritation.

I am a chemist and have been working in chemistry laboratories during the last 20 years and I’ve never been in contact with a product producing this sort of awful vapour as this one .

I do not think this can be good for my hair or health something that peels off my skin even when I am wearing latex gloves.

The mask is a mask, and I have nothing to say about it except that I’ve tried so many masks as good or better than this one.


My final verdict

I am not going to use this product anymore. Though I like how my hair looks now, I am not happy with the feelings I had when using it. Results are not bad, but they are not amazon enough to justify the use of so harsh products on my hair.

The burning feelings on my scalp and breathing these chemical vapours is not worth it for the result I got.

Obviously, if I don’t want to use this product on my hair, I am not going to recommend it to anyone.

If you tried this type of treatment and had a different experience, or if you have a similar experience, let me know in the comments.


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