Sheglam Glitter Wizard Review: Sparkling Goodness in a Jar

Sheglam is becoming a well-known makeup brand. However, the unique product I tried at the moment was the eyeshadow palette Shangri La, which, by the way, was out of my collection because I don’t like it.  I recently placed an order at Shein and added some makeup to my basket. One of the products was Sheglam Glitter Wizard Invisible Jelly Shadow. As a sneak peek, I liked it so much that I already placed another order to try more makeup.


About Shein

SHEIN is a global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all. We use on-demand manufacturing technology to connect suppliers to our agile supply chain, reducing inventory waste and enabling us to deliver a variety of affordable products to customers around the world. From our global offices, we reach customers in more than 150 countries.

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About  Sheglam Glitter Wizard Invisible Jelly Shadow

The gorg look of glitter without the uncomfortable feel of glitter?! Yep, we did a thing! Meet our magical glitter eyeshadow that applies like, well, glitter but settles into your lids for the ultimate no-show sparkle. That means you’ll only notice its true shine when the light hits just right. The future sure looks bright!

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Price and availability

This product is exclusively available at Shein and it costs £2.99.

My thoughts about Sheglam Glitter Wizard Invisible Jelly Shadow

About the packaging

The product comes in a cardboard box. Inside, there is a round transparent pot closed with a black screw lid. The pot is plain while the lid has a, let’s say something that attempts to be esoteric. It shows the name of the product and a holographic drawing. The draw shows a 7-pointed star surrounded by a circle. Inside you can see another type of 7-point star. It is difficult to explain so, a picture paints a thousand words.


Under the black lid, there is a cover protecting the product. Underneath this cover is the place where the magic starts.

Sheglam Glitter Wizard Texture and colour

The product is, as you can imagine by the name, a jelly-textured glitter eyeshadow. The jelly is completely transparent and contains glitter particles. They come in different sizes but they are quite big.

Depending on the light angle it seems that you are not wearing any eyeshadow. There is no colour, no reflections, no shine, … However, when you change position and the light angle changes, an indescribable violet shine appears. The particles are violet and have a very high reflectance. It is magic on your eyelid. It looks like you are full of fairy dust.



This product is very easy to apply. Because of the jelly texture, you can apply it directly on your eyelid without glitter glue or eye primer.

You can apply it with an eye brush or with your fingers. I like to apply it with my finger on the middle of my eyelid and then finish the look by applying the product with a flat brush. Using the flat brush I can apply the pigment just where I want, over the eyelid corners.

Be aware of the transparent base of this product. You can apply it over the naked eyelid to get a very subtle look (although with an impressive shine). You can apply it also as an eyeshadow topper over any other eyeshadow, no matter if it is cream or powder texture.

It is therefore a versatile eyeshadow which can complement any other product and look.

Independently on how you apply, this product gets dry really quickly once applied. I advise applying over one eye first and blending it before putting any product on the other eye. As it dries quickly, there is no transfer of the product over the crease.

Sheglam Glitter Wizard Durability

The time this product stays on the eyelid is amazing. My experience is that it lasts all day, from morning to night, even on the days I go to the gym (yes, I know I should remove my makeup before going to the gym, but I am usually late). It is impressive how long the product stays on the eyes.

When I said the product stays in place I mean exactly that, it doesn’t move at all. There is no fallout at all to the under-eye area. It is fairly common to end the day with glitter all over your face when you use glitter eyeshadows, but that doesn’t happen with this product.

Because it doesn’t move you may think it is hard to remove, but, in fact, it is not. The way I do this is through a three-step cleansing:

First, I apply eye makeup remover on a reusable pad, apply it over my eyes for about 15 seconds and then gently wipe from the tear duct to the external V.

Then, I use a cleansing balm. One of my favourites is The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm (I really recommend it). I take some product and gently rub it all over my face, including the eyes.

Finally, after rinsing the balm, I wash my face with a water-based cleanser, like Neutrogena Hydro Boost.

After these three steps, there is no glitter left on my eyes or face.

Sheglam Glitter Wizard Invisible Jelly Shadow


  • Cute packaging
  • No need to use glitter glue
  • Easy to apply
  • Amazing sparkling glitter
  • Versatile, as it doesn’t have a base colour.
  • Long-wearing time
  • Easy to remove


  • People with sensitive eyes may suffer some irritation because of the particles
  • Only available in one shade

Do I recommend it?

I fully recommend it. I am sure you will not regret buying it and I will buy another once this is close to the end.


In summary, I don’t know if all Sheglam products will be like this, but I can assure you that this one made me buy others. I bought it because it looked nice on the website, but what I got is so much better than I could ever expect. I only hope it is not getting dry on the package soon.

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