W7 Peachy Cleansing Balm Review

I recently saw someone on YouTube using this cleansing balm. Surprisingly, though I love the brand, it was the first time I heard about it. Since I like to try different face cleansing products,  this one attracted my attention quickly. I got it and I have been using it for more than a month. I would like to share with you my opinion on this W7 Peachy Cleansing Balm.


What the brand says

W7 have been working long and hard to bring you a range of high-quality skincare to help cleanse, hydrate and nourish delicate skin! Each product within the range has been formulated with skin-loving ingredients.

W7’s Peachy Clean is a peach-scented formula to gently remove makeup and impurities to cleanse the skin.

W7 Cosmetics Website

How to use W7 Peachy Cleansing Balm

First, apply onto dry skin and gently massage. Add then a splash of water to emulsify and finally rinse thoroughly.



Price and Availability

It is a really affordable cleansing balm The price is ·£5.99 for 70 g pot and you can buy it from W7 Cosmetics website, in some supermarkets and in Amazon.


My thoughts about W7 Peachy Cleansing Balm


The product comes in an orange plastic jar with a white screw cap. The jar shows the product name, brand and ingredient list. The packaging is as expected for a so affordable product but, well, the importance is in the product, I do not buy it for the packaging (though sometimes that helps….). There is no sealing to preserve the product when you open it for the very first time. Therefore, just after unscrewing the white lid, you find the unprotected product.

How W7 Peachy Cleansing Balm looks like

The texture is as expected for a cleansing balm. It is a buttery texture that becomes oily when you rub it between your hands as it melts with the hand’s heat. It is white in colour. From the product name and from all that I heard about the product, I thought this balm is was going to have a peach scent. However, I was disappointed as the smell is really disgusting. It literally smells like rancid oil. The positive point is that the smell goes quickly after rinsing.

After the application of W7 Peachy Cleansing Balm

I take a nut size amount of product and rub it between my hands to melt it. Then, I apply it all over my face with a gentle massage. I finally rinse it off and continue with my skincare routine.

Firstly, I want to raise the point that my eyes sting and I get blurry vision after applying and even sometimes after rinsing.


Secondly, it does not remove all my eye makeup. I do not care too much about the product making blur vision for some time (it is not the end of the world, it will not last too long) provided it removes my makeup fully. However, this cleansing balm leaves blurred vision and sting on my eyes without removing my makeup properly.

Finally, I should say that it works almost fine for the skin, it does an average job. My skin is clean enough after using this cleansing balm and it is ready for the water-based cleanser.

Regarding the hydrating effects on the skin, I should say it is neither drying nor hydrating my skin. As I already mentioned, it has an average performance.

The main ingredient of this product is mineral oil. Mineral oil is one of the ingredients you should avoid in your skincare routine. It can clog pores and, consequently, produce break-out and acne. My advice is to avoid this ingredient, mainly if you are an acne-prone person.

In summary, I don’t like this product. It is cheap and you can feel it in its performance. The ingredients it contains are not the best, the product affects my eyes and does not remove all my makeup. In addition, the smell is really disgusting. You can get amazing The Body Shop’s Chamomile Cleansing Butter at an affordable price.



  • Affordable price
  • Cruelty-free
  • It may work if you wear very light or no makeup


  • Smell as rancid oil
  • My eyes sting and I get blur vision
  • Does not remove my eye makeup properly
  • Low performance

Will I buy it again? Do I recommend it?

I will not buy it again. I think this is the worst cleansing balm I tried so far. It is really bad for my eyes and it does not give me any benefit as it does not remove my makeup.

Though it is cheap, I cannot recommend this product. I like most of the products from this brand, but this cleansing balm is a big NO.


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