Using Comper Smarkin for the first time

I recently received the Comper Smarkin device as a PR package. This device is a 4-in-1 skincare tool for at-home skincare treatments. The brand claims results will be visible in 28 days so I will review this device only after using it for a whole month. However, to avoid an extra-long post, I would like to share with you my first impressions after using it for the very first time in a separate post.

I received the device well packed. The pack includes two bottles of hyaluronic acid serum to use with the device. Inside a bag, there are adaptors to all types of electric plugs (I’ve never seen that many). There is also a booklet with information about how to use the product in Chinese and English. It is well explained how to use the device. And finally, we have the device and the charger.


I got the device in pale blue, but it is available in plenty of colours like white, grey, burgundy, fuchsia and pink.

You can buy the device from the Comper website. They deliver worldwide and they are very fast in shipping. I didn’t have any problem with the customs. The price of this device is $429.

How Comper Smarkin feels to touch

This device is made of medical-grade silicone. It is very soft when you touch it, I should say it has a velvety touch which I love. It is ergonomic, easy to handle and not heavy. One problem I found is that you must use it connected to the mains, as it does not have a battery included. It should be great if it has a battery in the next model as that will allow you to use it everywhere. However, the charger has a cable long enough to move all around your face easily without knotting it or making a mess.

There are a couple of buttons on the handle, one for on/off and changing the working mode and another for increasing/decreasing the intensity (it has three levels of intensity). There are also a few led lights in the handle indicating the operation mode and intensity you are using.


About the hyaluronic acid serum

It is advisable to use this device together with a serum and not over dry skin. In principle, any serum may work but, as I got two bottles of serum included in the pack, I decided to give them a try.

The hyaluronic acid serum is a transparent fluid, with no smell and with a typical serum texture – nothing special, really. I am using a good amount of serum before each device’s mode to be sure my skin is not dry as I don’t want to damage it.

I don’t like this serum that much. My face feels very sticky after using it. I will try the device with my habitual serum and let you know if that feels better.


How do I use the Comper Smarkin Device?

This device can be used together with a specific application that guides you through the process or on its own.

I used the device on all my face and neck except the eyes and lips areas. For the first time I used it without the application and the order I followed for each mode was:

Forehead – Cheeks – Crow’s Foot Area – Chin – Jowl – Neck

I applied serum before changing to the following mode.

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Mode 1. Radiofrequency

This mode uses radio frequencies and produces a small vibration. It feels like tingling on the face. It is quite a nice feeling. I pass 4 times in each area.

Mode 2. LED

This mode uses red lights and produces some sort of heat. It is not something that will burn you though. It is really comfortable and warm. I think that even people with sensitive skin can tolerate that mode.

Mode 3. EMS

The feelings are very similar to mode 2.

It took me overall five minutes to do the whole face using the three modes.

After one use I cannot say anything about the results. However, I could notice my skin with a more natural glow, looking like healthier skin. I am going to use this device for a full month every day and I will evaluate the results after that.

My skin does not show many wrinkles or fine lines but it is mature skin showing some signs of ageing, mainly dullness and lack of glow.

About the Comper Smarkin Application

I tried to install the app. However, I was unsuccessful. Firstly, the QR code included in the manual sends you to a page showing a 404 error. I searched the app in Google Play and I found it. Finally, I installed it. However, after installing it, I started to set it up and suddenly it stopped working. I was not able to make it work anymore.

My thoughts after the first use

I like the device. It is easy to use, not time-consuming and I like how my skin looks after the first use. Obviously, this type of device produces long-term results, so I need to use it longer to evaluate its effectiveness.

I am very positive about it and I think this Comper Smarkin is going to be a good addition to my usual skincare regime.


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