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Technic Summer Vibes, the Collection you Need this Summer

Technic has launched a new collection for summer. The collection is called Summer Vibes and consists of seven different products for eyes, lips and cheeks. I bought five of them, which I´ve already tried. I am not going to make a detailed review of each one. Instead, I am going to make a quick overview and point out the most important feature of each one of the products of the Technic Summer Vibes collection.

Technic Summer Vibes Lip Oil

I am going to start with one of the products that I did not buy. This product is a lip oil with a gloss finish that hydrates your lips and leaves them plump and smooth. It comes in three different shades: Mojito, Pina Colada and Cosmopolitan. Each one leaves a soft scent to the corresponding cocktail on your lips matching the name. However, I don’t have it and, therefore, I can’t say anything about it.

These lip oils come in a lip gloss tube and contain 6 mL of the product. The price on the Technic website is £3.50.


Shimmer Jelly Highlighter

This is the other product I don’t have. Honestly, I think this product is quite sticky for my cheeks, but I may buy it to try it.

It is a gel texture product that leaves your cheek luminous and with a sun-kissed effect. It is available in two shades: Shimmy and Bronzed Beauty. Looking at the picture and the name, I am expecting a product with a lot of shimmer particles, hence I think I may not like it. I think that it is more suitable for the body than for the face.

It comes in a squeeze tube which contains 20 mL and the price is £4.00.


Technic Summer Vibes Pressed Pigment Palette

This is an amazing eyeshadow palette with shades of red, pink, orange and brown. The packaging is the typical plasticky Technic packaging, but the beauty is on the inside.

This palette is a 12-pan palette with matte, shimmer and metallic finishes. It is very versatile, as it contains shades with cool and warm undertones to make any type of look. You can use it for a day-to-day look but also allows you to make night party makeup.

The matte shades are highly pigmented while easy to apply and blend at the same time. They last all day on the lid without fading. They are a bit powdery but knowing that you only need to makeup the eyes first.

The shimmer and metallic shades are also well pigmented. They easily stick on the lid without any type of glitter glue. Something I really like about them is that they don’t fall out when applying or during the day.

My favourite way of using this palette is applying any of the light matte eyeshadow on my crease and some metallic pigment on the lid. If I feel I want a deeper look, I apply some of the darker shades on the outer V.

This product contains a total of 15 grams and costs only £5.00.

Illuminating Loose Powder

This product is my least favourite of this collection though it is not a bad product. These are loose powders to illuminate the face and body. I didn´t try in the body yet, but when applied to the face they leave a very subtle reflection. They are not highlighters, therefore you can´t expect a deep brightness on your cheeks.

I feel they are more like bronzing powder with shimmer particles. The best way to apply them is with a big fluffy brush on your cheeks and forehead. You get a warm bronze tone which looks like a natural tan.

This product contains lots of shimmer particles. However, they are small enough so you will not notice them easily.

It is available in one shade and the pack contains 8 grams. The price is £5.00.

Technic Summer Vibes Liquid Blush

This product is a MUST of this collection. As per the name, it is a liquid blush which comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser fitted. Despite it is not my favourite dispenser for blush as you cannot precisely control the amount you want to use, I| love the product. The packaging looks like a high-end brand blush.

It is available in three different shades:

  • Feeling Flush: it is like a light coral colour
  • Samba Night: an orangey peachy colour
  • Tequila Sunset: a powdery rose colour

I have it in the shade of Tequila Sunset.

These blushers are highly pigmented, too much pigmented I should say. Therefore, I only use a quarter of a pump and I have it for both cheeks, nose and chin. If you use one pump you can apply blush to all your family. I first take some product with a fluffy brush and then remove the excess on the back of my hand. I also keep a sponge close in case I apply too much product.

This product is easy to apply, blends really well and does not move the foundation or make patches. It leaves a natural look and lasts all day on the cheeks without patching or fading.

The bottle contains 15 mL o (that will last all your life) and costs £4.50.

Ombre Blusher

This product is a powder blush which has two different shades on each pan, one light and one dark. These two shades make an ombre effect. It is available in three shades: Beach Happy, Good Vibes and Happy Place. I have in the shade Beach Happy but I may buy in the shade Happy Place. These two shades are more pink colour whereas the Good Vibes shade is more orange.

This blush is very, very pigmented. I normally touch the powder very softly and then remove the excess on the back of my hand. It leaves a very deep colour anyway. The shade I have leaves a healthy colour on the cheeks and gives a sort of sun-burnt effect.

This product is buildable, blends easily and lasts a long time on the face. At this moment it is one of my favourite blushes for summer. It has very few shimmer particles, almost not noticeable. However, you may not like it if you are shimmer-phobic.

It comes with 7.5 grams and the price is £4.50.

Technic Summer Vibes Lipstick&Liner Duo

The final product of this collection is a double lipstick, which has lipstick on one end and a matching lip liner on the other. I normally don’t use a lip liner for day-to-day makeup, but the lip liner can make the lipstick function if you want.

The product is available in three shades: Berrilicious (a fuchsia with a cool undertone), Summer Lovin’ (a red with a warm undertone) and Sandstorm (a nude). I have it in the shade Berrilicious.

It is not a fixed lipstick, however, it lasts a long time on the lips. The colour disappears in a very homogeneous way and doesn’t leave patches. It does not dry my lips but I don’t feel it hydrates them either. Obviously, the product transfers as it is not fixed.

It comes with 1.8 grams of lipstick and 0.2 grams of lip liner. The price is £4.00.


Finally, you can see how all the proct look and swatch on the video below.

These are all the products contained in the Technic Summer vibes collection. In general, it is a nice and very summery collection. I love the eyeshadow palette and the liquid and powder blushes. The lipstick is average and the illuminating powder is not as sparkling as I expect for this type of product. On my Instagram (@irene_beautyandmore) you can see some looks I made using these products.

Do you have any of them? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.


Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

I love beauty and skincare, try new products, and share my opinion with you. All my knowledge comes from years of experience and reading articles. I have dry skin, Fitzpatrick type IV, warm undertone, and my main concern is hyperpigmentation. Keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you. We are all different and products can have different results on your skin. Want to talk? Email me at contact@irenebeautyandmore.com

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