Essence Lip Boost Peeling Review

In my previous article Iposteddescribing my lip care routine, I mentioned that one step in my routine was the exfoliation of my lips. However, things can change and I read from different sources that using lip scrubs can damage the lips. Consequently, I stopped using lip scrubs and started to use another type of exfoliation for my lips. One of the products I use now is a chemical peeling, the Essence Lip Boost Peeling with lemon oil. I am going to review this product in this post.

What does the brand say?

The Lip Care Booster Caring Lip Peeling removes dead skin cells from the lips with lemon peel powder and nourishes them with 10% lemon oil. The result: soft, supple, moisturized lips – the perfect basis for any look!

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Essence Lip Boost Peeling Ingredients


Price and availability

This product is available in different online retailers like Wilko, Notino, or JustMyLook. The price is £2.45 and the pack contains 11 g.

Essence Lip Boost Peeling Review

About the packaging

This lip peeling comes in a plastic pot. There is nothing special about it. It is transparent and closed by a screw cap also made of plastic. The pot has no sticker around so you can see how much product is in the pot. It has only a sticker on the bottom which shows the ingredient list and other symbols.

The lid, however, shows more decoration. It has a sticker with a printout of lemons and half-lemons. It also shows the brand and product name and other features like the amount of product, important ingredients, etc. I think that is something related to marketing.


Essence Lip Boost Peeling Smell and Texture

The product looks yellow as expected from the name and packaging. It is a very thick balm that contains very small particles of lemon peel. These particles are not scrub particles as they are very soft and small to make exfoliation so they don’t scrub your lips but help to remove dead skin.

I loved the smell of this product. It has a very subtle lemon scent which takes my mind to my beloved Mediterranean area. It is a refreshing but sweet smell, not so deep. This smell will not stay for a long time when you apply the product.

It has also some lemon taste but again very soft. It does not have an acid taste as expected for a lemon product. Actually, it is a quite sweet taste, though the product does not have sugar particles.

About the application

As I mentioned, this product is a thick balm so I need to warm it up a bit with my fingers before applying it to my lips. I normally claim this type of product should come with a spatula to apply. However, I tried to apply this product with a spatula and I find it difficult. I prefer to apply directly with my fingers.

When you use a spatula it is not easy to spread the product across your lips. However, when you warm the product with your fingers you are melting it and it slides easily.

After applying this product you feel how the lemon peel rubs against your lips but is soft feeling. It is not what you feel when you apply a salt or sugar lip scrub when you feel the particles literally scratching your lips.

Despite being a thick product, you don’t feel your lips oily or sticky. You can feel the thick layer of the product but it is not uncomfortable at all. If you leave the product overnight your lips absorb the product slowly.

By the way, I said the product looks yellow, but when you apply it on your lips you get a colorless transparent layer. You will not get yellow color on your lips.


How do I apply Essence Lip Boost Peeling?

I always apply the product with my fingers as I already mentioned. Normally I use this product in two different ways:

As a lip balm. I use it as a lip balm to get quick and effective hydration on my lips. First I apply one thin layer after my skincare routine or before starting my makeup process. I leave the product on my lip while I do my face and eye makeup for about half an hour. Then, I remove the remaining product with a reusable pad before applying the lips makeup.

As an overnight mask. I use this product as an overnight mask when my lips are really dry or cracked. I apply a thick layer of product and leave it overnight on my lips. Normally in the morning, there is no residual product. However, just in case, I wash my lips with lukewarm water.

About the ingredients

The first thing you realize when reading the ingredient list is the absence of ingredients acting as a scrub. The first ingredient you found in the list is sucrose, which is a type of sugar that has a high water-binding capacity. This sucrose is not the same as the sugar particles in other lip scrubs. The sucrose is totally homogenized with the rest of the ingredients. The water-binding capacity makes sucrose to be an excellent humectant and moisturizer.

This product contains different beneficial oils among the 15 first ingredients, like lemon seed, sweet almond, coconut, carrot seed, sunflower, and canola oils. All of them are emollient which makes your lips look soft, smooth, and lovely.

It is also worth mentioning the presence of vitamin E ( tocopheryl acetate) and carrot root extract, both with anti-oxidant properties, and lemon peel powder, which makes a very soft exfoliation.


Essence Lip Boost Peeling Results

I should say that normally my lips are dry and frequently they are cracked, even bleeding in the morning during winter. I don’t apply this product daily but two or three times a week. As an overnight mask, I apply it when I need it.

When I use this product, my lips are hydrated and moisturized. They look soft, supple, and smooth and the effect of the lipstick on them is amazing. All the dead skin disappears, and my lips look healthier.

I think not only do they look healthier but also they are smooth. When I have cracks on my lips, this product helps to heal them. Something I really like is that when I use over cracked lips I don’t feel pain as with other products.

In summary, I like this product and it is the best alternative to the lips scrub I found at the moment. It works amazingly in preparing my lips before makeup but also in healing my lips when I use it as an overnight lip mask.

Essence Lip Boost Peeling


  • Affordable
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Does not contain scrub particles
  • Does not leave a sticky or oily feeling on the lips
  • Great smell
  • Easy to apply with the fingers
  • My lips are healthy and look soft and smooth


  • I prefer lipstick packaging rather than a pot
  • If you don’t like lemon you will not like this product

Will I buy it again? Do I recommend it?

I will have it for a long time with the 11 grams contained in the pack, but I will buy it again if for some reason I am without the one I have now.

I fully recommend this product if you are looking for an overnight mask or a balm to prepare your lips. It is highly recommended to people with dry and cracked lips as it will help your lips to heal. However, I do not recommend it if you are looking for a product to apply during the day, it may not be the best product for that purpose.


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