7 simple skincare tools for flawless skin

Nowadays there are different beauty gadgets in the market. Some of them are so sophisticated that they look like part of a sci-fi movie. However, you can use very simple gadgets which make a difference in your skincare routine and skin aspect. In this post, I am going to show you some simple skincare tools for flawless skin.


Simple Skincare Tools for Massage

 1. Jade Roller

In China, people started to use the jade roller in the 7th century but only now it is popular in western countries.

Though normally we call it Jade Roller, you can find it made in different stones, like jade, rose quartz, amethyst, etc. The jade roller consists of one or two rollers made in a particular stone with a handle that can be on the same stone or in other material. The models with two rollers have two different roller sizes, the small roller for the small face areas, such as the under-eye area.

The main use of this tool is massaging the face. They help to make a lymphatic drain which reduces the amount of liquid retained in the tissues. This helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.

The best moment to use the jade roller is after cleansing and hydrating the skin. The use of a cold jade roller helps to reduce under-eye bags and dark circles. You can keep the jade roller in the fridge to have it cold.


2. Gua Sha

The Gua Sha has a function similar to the jade roller, but its use dates from more than 2000 years back in China.

It is a stone (jade, quartz, or other) with a particular shape that adapts easily to the shape of the face. This stone is soft and has a medium size. You can use it to massage the face as the jade roller to eliminate toxins and help with that to increase blood circulation.

The way to use the Gua Sha is scraping gently your face with it in a particular direction. The best moment to use it is, as with the jade roller, after cleansing and hydrating the skin.


Simple Skincare Tools for Cleansing

3. Muslin Cloth

With muslin cloth I mean literally the fabric our grannies used to wash their face. Surprisingly so many elderly ladies have soft and smooth skin keeping in mind that most of them never used cosmetics (they are relatively recent).

A muslin cloth is a soft cotton fabric used to wash the face. This cloth helps to eliminate the rest of the cleanser and exfoliators. The muslin cloth helps cleanser and scrubs to eliminate dirt and dead cells from the skin in a very gentle way. Therefore, skin looks luminous.

The best way to use it is wet, with warm water or with micellar water. Then you pat your face a few times with the wet cloth.


4. Face Brush

I am talking about the face cleansing brush. This tool is a MUST HAVE on my skincare routine. It helps to eliminate the dirt and makeup residues from all the complicated areas such as the forehead, chin and sides of the nose in an effective way.

The face brush makes a deep cleansing that unclogs pores, massage the skin, and remove stubborn dirt. Therefore, the skin looks luminous and you will improve the absorption of the products you apply after cleansing.

There are different types of face brushes at very different prices. Some of them are manual while others are electronic and you can also find them in different materials such as silicone and polyester bristles. My favourite face brush is the silicone cleansing pad.

Simple Skincare Tools for Exfoliating

5. Konjac sponge

This tool is original from Japan, where people use it on daily basis. It is a 100% natural sponge which allows a natural cleansing and soft exfoliation.

The use of a Konjac sponge purifies the skin and, therefore, helps to keep it hydrated.

The Konjac sponge is very hard when it is dry. However, once you damp it with water, it becomes soft. You should therefore always use it wet.

Finally, a Konjac sponge lasts up to three months if you dry it carefully after use.


6. Dermaplaning Tool

Dermaplaning is a process very popular and fashioned nowadays. In fact, different influencers promote the use of this technique in their channels.

It consists of a deep skin exfoliation to remove all the dead cells. The way of doing that is using the dermaplaning tool, which is a sort of razor.

You can do the dermaplaning at home. One of the advantages of that technique is that you remove at the same time dead cells and excess facial hair. That results in very soft and luminous skin. Your skin appears smooth and, therefore, makeup looks flawless after the dermaplaning.

It is a safe technique. It does not require the use of chemical products. You should repeat it frequently, at least every 21 days, which is the time the skin takes to completely renew. You only need to be careful not to cut your skin.


7. Derma-roller

The derma-roller is the tool people use for micro-needling treatment. Most of the time, micro-needling is done by specialists in specialised beauty rooms and it is not recommended for doing at home. However, there is a pretty safe tool for home micro-needling, the derma roller.

The derma-roller is a roller where the cylinder is full of micro-needles (0.5 mm length). You use it manually, rolling the tool all over the face in different directions.

What this tool does is, literally, hurt the skin. It produces micro-wounds on the skin that has two main benefits (yes, wound on the face can have benefits, I am not going crazy). On one side, the skin needs to regenerate after the micro-needling and that promotes the production of collagen and elastin. On the other hand, the micro-wounds allow cosmetics to penetrate better in the deeper layers of the skin (cosmetics can be absorbed up to 200 times more).

However, the main disadvantage is that the derma-roller can make your skin more sensitive, producing irritation and redness.

It is extremely important to use sun protection if you use the derma-roller even if you use it at night time (you should use sun protection anyway) as well as sanitise the tool with alcohol before and after use to avoid bacteria growth and infections.


There are obviously other tools, simple ones as well as sophisticated, but I wanted to mention the most important tools in my skincare routine. I use them all on regular basis. You can get all of them in different drugstores like Lookfantastic.

Do you use any of them or others? Did you know all of these tools? Let me know in the comments.

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