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Beauty Advent Calendars 2022

I know, we are still in September, going through one of the hottest summers I remember in the UK, but some Beauty Advent Calendars 2022 are already available or with an open waiting list. That is crazy, I know, but I guess you don’t want to miss yours.

In this section, I will show all the information about the beauty advent calendars I consider interesting. I want to apologise in advance if I miss any but there are lots of them available and it will be almost impossible to include all of them.

I am going to divide the calendars into three groups: affordable (below £100), medium price (£100-£200) and expensive (over £200). I will make a list with all the calendars I am including. If you click on the link of the calendar you want to see, you will go straight to that calendar information.

SPOILER ALERT: I will hide the content to avoid spoilers but if you want to know what the calendar includes, click over “Show More” and you will get the revealed content when available.

I will update this information weekly to include all the news and updates.


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