August Haul

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30 Sept 2020

August Haul
Time flies. Another month is gone and I am here again what all what I bought this month… I think from now I need to start buying only what I need, I need to save money for the Advent Calendars, which will be released soon.

This month I placed 3 online orders, one to DECIEM, second order to Justmylook and the last one to Glossybox and bought a product from my drugstore. Let us start with this one. I bought in Superdrugs St Ives Radiant Skin scrub. I use St Ives Apricot Scrub as part of my routine twice a week. This scrub makes a deep exfoliation and I prefer not to use every day. I got this new one, which claims to make moderate exfoliation (I should say soft exfoliation). I included it in my night routine, between cleanser and toner, as an extra cleansing step. I use it only the days I don’t use the stronger scrub.

St Ives radiant Skin Scrub

When I knew about the Glossybox Skincare release, I was sure I was going to buy some products. I waited before ordering because I thought most probably they were going to include a product in August Glossybox. I was right, this month the box came with the Glossybox Eye Cream booster. I got the box the day before the release and quickly I bought the Glossybox Skincare Micellar Gel Cleanser.  I didn’t try it yet as I already have some cleanser opened, but I can’t wait to try it.

Glossybox Skincare Micellar Gel Cleanser

At the beginning of August, I placed what was going to be my unique order this month and I placed it at DECIEM. DECIEM is a big umbrella company with few brands under it. One of these brands, and probably the most popular, is The Ordinary, a well-known brand.

I suffer hyperpigmentation on my face and have quite a lot of scars on my arms, consequence of playing with Luna, my beloved cat. I was applying mandelic acid on my face to reduce hyperpigmentation, but the one I am using is almost over and I need a new one. I also wanted to go a step further to reduce my hyperpigmentation.

Reading The Ordinary website, I learned that two amazing products to reduce hyperpigmentation are alpha-arbutin and azelaic acid. I ordered these two products and lactic acid. I replaced my mandelic acid with lactic acid because I think the last is more effective. I need to use it to see if I am right.

I ordered glycolic acid also, not to use on my face but my arms. As I mentioned, I have lots of scars on my arm because of playing with my cat. I don’t like how they look and if glycolic acid reduces scars on the face, it should do the same with the scars on my arms.

The Ordinary

Finally, I placed an order in Justmylook after reading their newsletter about the brand Eveline. I’ve never heard about this brand but that doesn’t mean the brand is not good. I ordered a slimming gel to reduce my belly and my neck fat, a plum eyeliner that has a sponge in the other end to blur the line and a Lash Serum. They gave me a free product, Aloe Vera Gel. It is always nice to get free products, even if you don’t need them.

In the same order, I bought a waterproof mascara from Essence. I have lots of mascara, affordable and not so affordable) but none of them is waterproof. I live in a place where most of the time rains and you can imagine my panda eyes when it is raining. I ordered also three brushes, for foundation, highlighter, and eye blender brush.

Justmylook order

That is all that I bought in August. Hope I can keep quiet next September and save some money for some Advent Calendar Boxes.

What did you buy this month?

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